“We have 20 years of experience in global sourcing, strategic procurement, cost-saving, and have served major industries.”

“We offer legal assistance with contracts, sub-contracts, and agreements, as well as help with tendering and bid submissions.”

We gather data to evaluate supplier performance and meet pre-qualification requirements.

“We provide quality services such as Audits, FAT, TPI, MTC, SRC, QA, QC, and Total Quality Management.”


Save your time with our best procurement practices.


Reduce your buying cost using our global supplier relationship.


Improve supplier & supply quality with our experience.

What we do?

“Procurement & Supply Chain process is the key function of any organization in any industry, we help to improve and save cost”


We communicate with the End-Users to understand the requirements of Procurement.

Material Requisition

We analyze technical specifications, quantity & delivery schedules for materials procurement.

Purchase Requisition

We verify requirements for buying goods or services with stock status, budget, and schedules.

Category Management

We manage categories and sub-categories to avoid unnecessary Procurement process.

Vendor Management

We develop alternative sources and use client's approved vendor list for cost-effective sourcing.


We develop detailed Request for Quotation / Proposal and Invitation To Tender.

Technical Bid Evaluation

We ensure all received Quotes/Bids evaluated by engineers and accepted by End-User.

Commercial Evaluation

We evaluate Technically Accepted bids to match target Price, lead Time, best Quality, and T&Cs.


We are specialized to save maximum on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or given Procurement Budget.

Order Processing

We protect clients rights using special T&Cs for all PO/SO/CO/BOs and LTPAs.


We arrange all NMR (Non-Material Requirements) and handle all Post-Award activities.

Quality Management

We provide Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services through approved Third Party Agencies.

Logistics Management

We manage global shipments for our clients and reduce cost on Local & International shipments.

Custom Clearance

We are reducing shipment clearance by proper documentation & approved CHA in client's country.

Delivery Management

We ensure all shipments properly handed over to stores/warehouse team with zero tolerance.

SPIR Management

We support for emergency shut-down by Spare Part Interchangeability Record Management.

ISO Auditing

We offer internal and external audit services to improve Procurement Process Management.

Supplier Evaluation

We help clients to identify right vendors using our Pre & Post-Award Performance Management.